Lawson’s Treturous Choice

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By Christian Liester

Ty Lawson, the Denver Nuggets starting point guard and leading scorer, was arrested under suspicion of DUI on Jan. 23 a few blocks down from the Fillmore Auditorium.

When he initially was pulled over by law enforcement that morning, it was for speeding. Ty was going 61 mph in a 35mph zone, so there was no way around pulling him over. Once he was pulled over, the police officer became suspicious due to the slur in Lawson’s speech and his bloodshot eyes. Lawson refused to take a chemical test to determine if he was in fact intoxicated. Although he refused to take the chemical test, he did in fact admit to consuming alcohol as well as stating that if he was charged with DUI again it would be his second time.

Ty Lawson has been seen as a role model and has inspired many young athletes around the world. He inspires others to compete at the best of their ability in hopes of one day becoming an unstoppable extravagant basketball players like himself. He is an idol whose actions influence many others not just around him but in other states as well.

Since so many people look up to him, his actions promote others.  If a teenager has someone who they look up to and admire, they want to follow their footsteps. Since so many other kids look up to this starting point guard, they may think that since he becomes under the influence and drives that they can too. This action that was pursued by Lawson promotes absurdity in the society, since he is such an idol.

Ty Lawson knew better because it was not his first DUI–he  had received one in prior to that in Missouri. He knew it wasn’t the ethical thing to do, yet he still did it. Lawson is also aware of how many people look up to him and admire him, and yet he still did something that might promote others. Lawson had another chance and he threw it away. Due to his promotion of drunk driving to his fans, Lawson should be kicked off the Denver Nuggets. The Denver Nuggets are a professional team that is recognized globally, and their team and fan base was put at risk due to his actions.  Lawson had a second chance and did not follow through, therefore his basketball career as a Denver Nugget should come to an end.