Top 20 Senior: Warren Hanson

Top 20 Senior: Warren Hanson

Warren Hanson

By McKinnley Bartels

Warren Hanson is a proud and busy Farmer.

Throughout his high school career he played baseball, football, Rugby and participated in the ski club. Hanson has been working at the Rolling Hills Country Club for the past two years as a member of the grounds crew.

Family is very important to Hanson, and he spends a lot of time with them. His family believes that his most unique features are his charisma, optimism, and perseverance. They also feed his sense for adventure. Hanson’s father has had the greatest influence on him. He explains, “From his infinite wisdom and sincere insight he has taught me so much and I can never thank him enough for that.”

In Hanson’s opinion his best quality is that he has very good people skills, and he is at ease when interacting with new people. Hanson enjoys skiing, hunting, wakeboarding, dirt biking, and fly fishing. After these very activities he enjoys eating a big BBQ pulled-pork sandwich. To go along with Hanson’s sense of adventure and optimism, his biggest dream is to ski the Roseland Range in British Columbia. If he could have one wish he’d want everyone to live a life that they are really passionate about.

As for Hanson’s high school years, he will miss being surrounded by a community of people who genuinely care and support one another. If he could relive his high school years he said, “I would have joined more clubs and would have been more involved with student council.” The most memorable moment at Wheat Ridge High School for him was being apart of Mr. Golden Ridge.

When it comes to teachers, math teacher Adam Goudge has had a huge impact on Hanson’s high school career. Goudge has always provided unconditional support and concern with many aspects in his life and Hanson has always appreciated his straightforward and sincere candor.

The bit of advice Hanson will leave behind for the remaining Farmers is to “ never take anything for granted and always be grateful for the opportunities you encounter.”

This summer Hanson will be working and spending time with his family boating and camping. He will also enjoy dirt biking with his friends and family.

As summer comes to end Hanson plans on attending Emily Griffith Technical College and starting an apprenticeship welding high pressure gas lines.