The New England Patriots Win A Historic Super Bowl


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Courtesy of Mark J. Rebilas/ USA Today

Brendan Jordan, Sports Editor

By Brendan Jordan

After 31 consecutive points in the second half, the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons to become the Super Bowl LI champions

The Patriots have done it again. This time, they picked up their fifth Super Bowl championship and their second in three years. The Patriots have been blessed with the great duo of quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick who have brought every single one of the Pats’ Super Bowls to New England. Although Belichick and Brady were a big part of this win, there were many other key pieces to this win for the Pats.

Aside from the first half, the Patriots’ defense was stellar. They gained momentum early in the second half and shut down the Atlanta Falcons for the rest of the game. The offense was producing points, and the defense was stopping the opposing team from answering back. That combo spells out victory in any team’s eyes. From the highlight-reel catch from Julian Edelman, to the countless sacks on Falcons’ quarterback Matt Ryan, the patriots took over the game thus resulting in a victory.

This was the ninth time the Patriots appeared in a Super Bowl and the fifth time they’ve taken home a Lombardi Trophy. All five of those championships have come from the pairing of Brady and Belichick, which set many records, including most Super Bowl appearances, and wins by a coach and by a player. So I think it’s safe to say that Brady and Belichick are two guys you do not want to separate.

Aside from that great pairing, the game itself was just a ton of fun to watch, Whether you were on the Falcons’ side or the Patriots’ side, you’ve got to admit that both teams showed their strengths and put on one hell of a game for us fans to watch. From the first game with an overtime quarter in Super Bowl history to the half-time performance and the commercials, Super Bowl LI was a huge success and a great show for all fans across the world to watch.