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The ASVAB takes Wheat Ridge High School by Storm

Jenna Martinez, Features Editor

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The ASVAB also known as the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test took place on Oct. 10 in the big gym.

It was a standardized military test that determined students comprehension in electronics, math, science, literacy, and mechanical skills. The test would help sophomores meet their graduation requirements and help military recruiters place people where they needed to be if they enlisted.

The ASVAB is a great test, but in my opinion we should be practicing for the SAT’s and not ASVAB. Graduation requires us to prove our comprehension in mathematics and literature, but there are more ways to prove that instead of doing the test. One of the many options we have are internships or getting a nursing degree, but the test is useless if we don’t join the military.
Another problem with the testing day was that we didn’t get breaks. Those with bad concentration would start talking or try to move around and couldn’t focus anymore. The kids who did try to take breaks got scolded or missed out on one out of the nine parts of the test.

The standardized test wasn’t needed for us to prove our comprehension if we can prove it in other ways like the Map test, which we take three times a year. This test would be more suited to sophomores who want to join the military not people who won’t look into the career. I get what the state of Colorado was trying to do but it won’t help people who want to go into others careers.

For instance, someone might want to go into the Artist career they’d only need basic math and English comprehension, especially entrepreneur artists. Taking the ASVAB wouldn’t help them.

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The ASVAB takes Wheat Ridge High School by Storm