Cross Country Team Kicks Off The New Season


Katie Floyd

Cross country team working hard at practice.

Julles Marquez, Editor-In-Chief


Following the first two meets of the 2019 season, Wheat Ridge High School’s cross country team paved a fresh start for the rest of their season.

The team faced some difficulties during both meets in Colorado Springs and Salisbury Park, their momentum slower than usual. However, they’re more than determined to improve their performance and make this season a great one.

The first meet in Colorado Springs on Aug. 12, two days before the new school year began, lacked general speed and focus, according to senior Allen Alford. He said,  “The transition was slow, I had to significantly reduce how much running I did.” Alford explained that the whole team had wanted to be faster, but getting back into normal routine was a bit of a challenge, considering the course was much more difficult.

As for the second meet in Salisbury Park on August 29, the team gave a stronger performance than the first one. After being asked how the team did on the second meet, Alford said, “I am injured, so I did not race today; however, some people at the race performed extraordinarily well with two placers, and others performed less well.” The size of the teams was a factor that contributed to how well various teams performed. Regardless of their speed, the team was still happy about the small victories that they were able to attain that day.

One of the things that all the team members agreed upon in regards to what went well during the two meets was how closely bonded each member was to each other. “The team bonding that occurs at meets is consistently one of the best parts,” Alford mentioned. Having a healthy team atmosphere and vehement team dynamics are driving forces in the victories of a sports team.

All in all, the commencement of the new cross country season was fairly strong and the members are looking forward to more meets in the future. As competition heightens, the team’s dedication and improvement will increase and while they work on their performance, the Farm will cheer them on and support them through their athletic endeavors.