Titans Score a Victory During the Start of the NFL Playoffs


By Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Tannehill gets pumped up after score.

Cougar Mackley, Rookie Reporter

The football world has been put on its head since the start of the NFL playoffs.

With the Tennessee Titans pulling off shocking victories! Beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, and the Super Bowl favorite Baltimore Ravens lead by Lamar Jackson early in the wild card and conference championship Now I was telling people that the Titans were underdogs, but I never would have expected this playoff run. Beating New England 20-13, then blowing out Baltimore 21-12, the Titans are on a tear. In my personal opinion, I can see the Titans going to the Super Bowl. Is it going to happen? Probably not. The fate of Derrick Henry’s Titans lies in 30-degree weather next Sunday at ArrowHead against the Kansas City Chiefs.
On the NFC side of teams, it’s the Packers and the 49ers. The two teams most people, including myself, saw as the two most possible teams to make it. Everyone wants the Niners and as much as I love Emmanuel Sanders, I really would love to see Aaron Rodgers go for the Lombardi Trophy again. I do believe that it will be the 49ers vs the Chiefs at Super Bowl 54 in Miami, but I would love to see the Titans go simply because they were and still are underdogs.
If the Titans go to the Super Bowl, I will be worried. I will be worried of Super Bowl hangover. The Rams had it this year, The Raiders have had it since 2002, and the Broncos since 2016. It’s like the Madden curse, its real and it can affect a team or player for a long time. I really hope this doesn’t happen because the Titans are a young team and it would suck to see all their talent go down the drain after only one legendary playoff run like this. Especially after barely making it in in the first place, after only two games they have done so much and they have made an impact. For Titan fans this is a monumental moment in franchise history and with Derrick Henry at running back, The Chiefs, Niners, and Packers all need to TITAN UP.