“I’ve been a political conservative most of my life, having worked for two Republican presidents and for a GOP-controlled Congress. In the wake of the mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday, it’s become glaringly obvious that my party no longer represents conservative values but in fact poses a threat to them — and to America”- Miles Taylor (former GOP member) 

After the shooting in Buffalo, New York, GOP official Miles Taylor came out and said he was resigning from the party. He stated that the Republican party isn’t what it was like before, and that this isn’t the Republican party he signed up for. He states that “the GOP rhetoric is inspiring violent radicals, and I don’t say that lightly.” In his resignation article published on NBCNews.com, Taylor states that the party is fueling a statistical spike in political intimidation, attitude towards violence and the specter of domestic terrorism. 

He takes account of “radicalized racial point of view” such as the race-replacement theory, which was S. Gendron’s beliefs when he drove 200 miles away from his home in Colkin, New York to a predominantly Black area and killed 13 and 10 were Black. He stated in his 180 page manifesto. Taylor called out Tucker Carlson and Fox News for repeatedly claiming that the Democratic party is attempting to “replace the current electorate” of white voters with so-called “third world voters.”

As a person of color from Colorado this situation is terrifying.. As hate and crime rises towards people of color it’s terrifying to go out in public. I’m scared to take the bus to get home worrying about what that person’s doing and what’s gonna happen when I get off this bus. My paranoia and feeling of usefulness continues to grow. 

Will we see any action from BLM? Will Republicans come out to speak about this? Will we see Tucker Carlson fired? These are the two minimum things that need to happen to restore my trust in the political system.