Futuristic Farmers: The Low-down on Futures Day

Courtesy of morethanatestscore.com

Courtesy of morethanatestscore.com

By Sterling Martinez

Here at Wheat Ridge High School, students will be taking a variety of tests on Wednesday Oct. 16.

The tests are a part of what we call Futures Day, and educators are finding they are tests which helps students decide which careers they could excel the most. Futures day is very important to our school and our counselors do whatever they can to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to participate.

“Freshmen will be taking the EXPLORE test; sophomores will be taking the PLAN test; juniors will be taking the PSAT test but also have the option to take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery); and seniors will be going on a college visit, working on Capstone or taking the ASVAB test” said the Farmer counseling staff, collectively.

According to counselor Amanda Olenberger, ASVAB is a military aptitude test that is more career-oriented and focuses a little on mechanics along with the general writing, math and reading. PLAN is a test that is mostly the sophomore version of the ACT and consists of basic questions in areas like math and reading but are more advanced than questions on the  EXPLORE test, which is the freshman version of the ACT. PSAT is a test that is used for national merits and helps award worthy students with scholarships.

The tests do take a while to complete, but in the long run are very beneficial. The juniors and freshmen will be attending Futures Day from 7:25-11:30a.m. The sophomores will be attending Futures Day from 12-3p.m. The bus taking the seniors to Metropolitan State University of Denver and Red Rocks Community College at 9 a.m. and they will return to Wheat Ridge High School at 1 p.m.

“Futures Day has proven to be very beneficial for students in the past,” said Olenberger. The counselors here on the Farm can say, without a doubt, that the tests help students figure out or at least get a general idea of what their strengths as a student are and what careers they should be considering for adulthood.

Wheat Ridge High School is one of few schools that provide the tests for free and on a week day. Here on the Farm students are highly encouraged to plan for their futures and excel in society.

The tests not only prepare you for future career choices, but also help you get in the habit of taking test as you would in college. The staff at Wheat Ridge High School is working hard to make sure that the Futures day goes off without any issues and that the students all get something out of the day.