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Everyone should view the two cinematic masterpieces that were released circa 1989: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Dead Poets Society

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lily Ives, Features Editor

May 12, 2020
Police Officers Work to Perpetuate an Already Corrupt Justice System (Story)
May 12, 2020
According to Lily: Why The Word ‘Hero’ is Dehumanizing (Story)
Apr 10, 2020
FDA Changes Blood Donation Guidelines for Gay Men (Story)
Apr 10, 2020
According to Lily: the Flaws Revealed by COVID-19 (Story)
Apr 01, 2020
Citizens in Greenland Worship Cars 2 (Story)
Apr 01, 2020
Joe Mama Joke Nominated as the Funniest Joke in Human History (Story)
Mar 19, 2020
According to Lily: What Even is Classic Literature? (Story)
Mar 13, 2020
Famous Musical West Side Story is Once Again in Hot Water (Story)
Feb 25, 2020
Ignorance About History Causes the Continuous Denial of the Holocaust (Story)
Feb 25, 2020
The Internet Continues to Exacerbate the Love of Serial Killers (Story)
Feb 25, 2020
Louisa May Alcott’s Classic Masterfully Adapted by Greta Gerwig (Story)
Jan 26, 2020
Planned Parenthood Offers Reproductive Health Care to All (Story)
Jan 26, 2020
Annotating in Books Deemed as Destructive (Story)
Dec 16, 2019
The Current Status of Impeachment Process (Story)
Dec 16, 2019
Cancel Culture Complicates Media Consumption (Story)
Dec 16, 2019
The Romanticizing of Mental Illness Stigmatizes Mental Health (Story)
Dec 04, 2019
Nature of Media Concentration Impacts General Public (Story)
Nov 19, 2019
Standardized Testing: Why it’s the Farthest Thing From Helpful (Story)
Nov 12, 2019
Matrix Film Series Returns With a Fourth Installment (Story)
Nov 10, 2019
Park County Teachers Protest Over Wages (Story)
Nov 10, 2019
Emos Rejoice: My Chemical Romance Makes a Triumphant Return (Story)
Oct 19, 2019
The Blair Witch Project Casts a Spell on Generations (Story)
Oct 19, 2019
Classic Literature Creates an Enduring Legacy in Film (Story)
Oct 19, 2019
Art Remains a Medium too Broad for Simple Adjectives (Story)
Sep 19, 2019
Protests Over Hong Kong Extradition Bill Escalates (Story)
Sep 19, 2019
New United Kingdom Prime Minister Stirs Controversey (Story)
Sep 05, 2019
Gun Violence Inspires the Need for Stricter Gun Laws (Story)
Mar 22, 2019
Breaking News: Vaping Carcinogens Make Ones Life Better (Story)
Feb 21, 2019
Anti-vaccination Movement and the Ongoing Denial of Science (Story)
Feb 05, 2019
New Horizon’s Spacecraft Completes Flyby of Ultima Thule (Story)
Oct 29, 2018
Classic Stories are Hitting your Instagram Stories Now (Story)
Oct 04, 2018
The Fantastic Denver Production of Oklahoma (Story)
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