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2019-2020 Staff

Lily Ives

Features Editor

I’m a junior who really loves Keanu Reeves, old books, and can be found thinking about Oscar Wilde most days. In the great words of Bill and Ted, “be excellent to each other.”

Al White

Rookie Reporter

Mitochondria is not the power house of the cell... I AM!!!

Adrian Walters

Rookie Reporter

I am a perseverant, creative person. I'm not the best at anything I can do because there's always someone better. However, I do stick with the philosophy that the more accomplished person is that who who is good at many things...

Keally Peck

Rookie Reporter

I am a girl who tends to keep to herself, but likes to learn more about world news. I like to watch drama and action films and hope to improve my writing skills in order to become a better writer.

Katie Floyd

Rookie Reporter

Katie Floyd loves all performing arts and is crazy about writing, especially music.

Bailey Duplessis

Sports Editor

I am a sporty person that loves to write about sports! I am a silly and sassy person, loved by all.

Joshua Bailey

Staff Writer

Joshua Bailey is an enigmatic, excitable, and generally happy person.

Jenna Martinez

Staff Writer

Jenna Martinez is a sophomore who has been on The Haystack staff for two years. She finds herself always wondering what video game to play next. You can also find her in the cafeteria being rowdy with her best friends.

Bella Peña

Design Editor

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim.

Julles Marquez


Julles enjoys English literature, civil disobedience, art, and writing for The Haystack.

Madison Kime

Social Media Editor

Respect the drip Karen

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