A Flurry of Winter Festivities to Entice Your Holiday Spirits

By Ryquiel Maldonado

As the school year ends and it edges closer to the end of the year, winter is coming fast.

As the snow starts to fall, there are numerous fun activities to do in the snow that people can enjoy. There are many enjoyable things to do in the wintery months to stay occupied and have fun, such as ice skating, where you can twirl around the rink, make figure eights and just plain out have fun with it.For ice skating you can go to the ice rink at belmar inside the strip mall or to the Apex center.Sledding by the water tower in Arvada and the hill at Everitt middle School have good sledding hills to go on. Sledding is also a big winter activity many people do; go take on the slopes of hills, sled down to the bottom and crash in the snow.Have fun and enjoy the ride down.

Snowboarding is also a big one you can do. Many enjoy going up to the mountains to take on the big slopes of Colorado. Hop onto the board strap yourself on and slide down the hills and enjoy the thrill of the cold winter air hitting you in the face. Show off your moves on the board, enjoy the hills and enjoy the thrill. Some of the best snowboarding places are Aspen,Winter park, and Copper Mountain.

Go play in the snow, build a huge snowman and give him all of the human characteristic. Make him like Frosty The Snowman; have fun with it just how the kids did. Have snowball fights, make forts with your friends and play in  the snow like kids. Who ever said you had to grow up? Live it up while you are still young. You don’t need to grow up that fast. Have some kid moments and play in the snow.

You can also stay inside and watch movies all day and stay all warm and toasty inside. Watch your favorite holiday movies, go sit on the couch, cuddle up with a blanket, watch “The Polar Express” and drink hot chocolate.

Although some may sound more fun than others, it all depends on what  you like to do, and if you want to do anything. These are all some suggestions of  fun activities that many people all over the world enjoy to do in the winter. So don’t just sit inside all day, go have some fun outside enjoy the days you have off of school and, most of all, have fun and enjoy yourself.