Metro’s Delay in Admissions Frustrates Many

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By:Sterling Martinez

Many Farmers and school counselors are frustrated with Metropolitan State University of Denver.

The reason for the frustration was that the university did not process the fall applications of many seniors due to the quantity of spring semester students that had priority. Counselors are saying that the delay in the arrival of acceptance letters had many students worried about their acceptance into the college, even if they had great faith in their acceptance the delay made financial aid more difficult and worrisome for the students.

The counselors at Wheat Ridge were very frustrated and they had valid reasons for this. Counselor Amanda Olenberger said, “This is upsetting because not only do we tell our kids to get all of their applications in early, but we also do our financial aid night, and if the seniors do not know which school they have gotten into that makes the financial aid process difficult.”

Although Olenberger admits that this is the first time anything like this has happened, she hopes that it is just a fluke year. Unfortunately, there is only so much our counseling staff can do. First semester they help the seniors make college plans, but after that they start to focus on the juniors with ACT prep as well as their college preparations.

Senior Dylan Near was just one of the students affected by the delay. Near simply stated, “It just made me frustrated that I had to feel rushed to apply there, when they weren’t even prepared.” Although it took a little longer to get into the school, the delay had no effect on his desire to attend the school, a desire he has had since his junior year.

The university’s admissions department says that the applications for the fall semester of 2014 have started to be processed and students should hear back soon. With nearly six thousand applicants a year, they simply had a high volume of paper work to get through, especially for the students of their spring semester. The situation was a very stressful and unintentional decision that had to be made by the university.