Welcome Back Farmers!

By Faviola Robles

Summer is unfortunately over; the beautiful concerts, the late nights staying out with friends, the days spent by the pool side, and binge watching an entire season of Orange Is the New Black—are all gone.

Summer has been stripped away from us, and we have returned to the Farm. Thankfully, for us seniors, it will be last time coming back. For the underclassmen…well, good luck.

We were welcomed by a new paint job in the lobby and recently purchased new tables and chairs, making our school a little more presentable than what it was before. The first day of school was filled with different emotions. Some students were glad to be back; excited to show off their new look and clothes, to see their friends and compare schedules. Others were beginning to dread the rest of the year. The homework, the projects, the deadlines were already too much.

Senior Quinn Tenorio said, “I know this senior year will be busy, especially with capstone, applications to colleges and scholarships, but there will still be time to have fun like the homecoming game and dance. I plan to enjoy this year to the fullest.”

We have already been in school for five weeks now, yet it feels like just yesterday I was sleeping in and not waking up until nine in the morning on a Monday. We have settled into our classes and begun to procrastinate on our work. It might seem like a longshot, but we only have twelve weeks until Thanksgiving Break!