Abortion Controversy Leads to New Laws

Abortion remains a controversial topic.
Photo Credit 9news.com

Abortion remains a controversial topic. Photo Credit 9news.com

By Aaron Ilia Merritt

Abortion is among the most controversial topics in our society today.

Supporters of a woman’s right to choose clash with the anti-abortion protesters day-in and day-out. The issue can make or break a candidate’s campaign depending on what their view on abortion is, where they are and what office they are running for. While no two states are similar with abortion laws, some states have completely legalized abortion. Red states tend to have kept abortion illegal but some of the red states have abortion legal in certain cases. Pro-choice supporters have known to feel limited if a woman’s  choice of what happens to her body is being restricted by the government. Then the pro-life feel that once conceived an organism is alive, so it is wrong to take the life of a fetus even in the first three month period. In our changing society abortion, in certain cases, is becoming more tolerated.

Recently a woman from Longmont, Colorado had been stabbed in the stomach after answering to a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. The baby was found in a bathtub still breathing. The baby later died but according to police, the woman survived and has an optimistic attitude. This case had Congress and the public up in arms for multiple reasons. It seems most people would agree that abortion should not be a first resort. Officials didn’t know how to classify the crime. Some said murder because the woman was seven months pregnant. This was the most recent event to fire up the abortion arguments.

Colorado Republican Representative, Gordon Klingenschmitt called the event God’s sign against our abortion laws that have made abortion legal. His statement has fired up arguments all over Congress.

The first three months of pregnancy are called the germinal phase, the second three months are called the embryonic phase and the last three months are the fetal phase. Abortion is only  legal in the germinal phase. The law has stated that life starts at the embryonic phase of pregnancy. Others argue that life starts once one is conceived. Abortion is not an easy choice for pregnant women to make. It would be difficult to abort a human growing inside you, but if it is in the mother’s best interest as far as health abortion is legal in most blue states. This one heated, controversial topic most likely won’t be dying down anytime soon for there are too many cases being overlooked by the doctors, and officials who regulate abortion.