Top 20 Seniors: Hanna Leslie

By Rachel Vigil

From the pool to the National Honors Society, Hanna Leslie has had a big impact on Wheat Ridge. At the pool, she is a member of girls swim team, the boys swim team manager, a swimming lessons teacher, and a lifeguard.

Outside of that she has been a tutor and helped out at trick or treat street, an elementary school track meet, and a food box ministry with her church. Running cross country was also a part of her senior year.

When asked, her friends and family describe Leslie as an exceptionally kind, hardworking, goal oriented, and fun. Her biggest influences are her teachers who always inspire her to give her best effort. Leslie thinks her own best quality is her hard-working attitude and dedication. She never quits and always gives her best effort to everything she does.

One regret from her time in high school is that she didn’t attend many social gatherings such as games and other events. What she will miss from high school the most are all the teachers who take time to get to know their students individually. Leslie loves that their help is always in reach.

The one wish of Leslie’s is to have unlimited wishes. Perhaps one of those unlimited wishes would be to live in another country and speak another language, preferably Spanish. That wish would fulfill her biggest dream.

Singing in front of people in choir Leslie’s freshman year was quite embarrassing. “I am not a good singer,” said Leslie, “It took me a while to realise that.”

 The most influential teacher of Leslie’s was Spanish teacher Jennifer Colestock, who inspired her to keep learning spanish. She learned a lot in Colestock’s class and hearing her speak spanish really helped her learn.

Crowded hallways have always been a deterrent to Leslie’s punctuality, so she recommends that all Farmers should always walk quickly in the hallway because it makes it easier for everyone.

This summer will be Leslie’s fourth year as a lifeguard, her third year as a swimming lessons teacher, and her first year as a swim lesson coordinator (which involves organizing hundreds of children into the proper swimming lessons) at Applewood Athletic Club. There she will also be part of the swim team. Next fall, she will be attending the University of Colorado, Boulder with a major in biology and a minor in Spanish.