Top 20 Seniors: Jacquelyn Miller


By Rachel Vigil

Jacquelyn Miller photoJacquelyn Miller has illustrated what it truly means to be a committed Farmer. Miller has not only been a part of the girls’ softball team (2011-2014) and tennis team (2012-2015) but as well as the National Honors Society (2013-2013).

She has also been a part of the Colorado Cardinals Club Softball team, a volunteer at the Holy Family Catholic Church Bazaar, a dog sitter, a volunteer for the Optimist Club at Christmas, a volunteer for Xcel Energy Day of Service, a math tutor, a volunteer for Brides Against Breast Cancer, a volunteer for Playworks; Run for Recess 5k, and a volunteer for the Brain Tumor Alliance 5k.

The amount of sleep Miller is able to get every night has always surprised her family and friends. She gets to sleep by 10:00 every night despite having a job, being an athlete, and taking multiple AP courses. Miller jokingly stated her best quality is her flowing blonde hair that is a reflection of her bubbly personality.

Throughout Miller’s life, her mother has been her biggest influence, “My mom has instilled in me strong values and morals that have guided me throughout my life,” said Miller.

If given the chance to redo high school, Miller would join more clubs and activities. She has always wondered what it would be like to be a part of track or Fresh 23. Miller will miss the structure that is provided at school.She was forced to prioritize her work because of the limited time and strict curriculum. Miller believes that, “College will be a time of procrastination because that systematic approach won’t be applicable anymore.”

To have all the children in the world join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony would be a wish of Miller’s along with $30 million a month to be given to her, tax frees Swiss bank account. While her biggest dream is to be so successful in her career that her coworkers believe she is part robot.

An embarrassing moment in the high school career of Miller is when she fell down the stairs while in crutches because she was too lazy to go to the end of the hallway to the elevator.

Coach Dan Salboto has been the most influential person to her here on the Farm. He encouraged her social and softball skills and has been much more than a softball coach. To all future Farmers, Miller advises that they find the best back roads to and from lunch; this will ensure that you are never locked out of a class.

Miller will spend her summer babysitting and spending money on junk for her dorm room. She will attend Colorado School of Mines this fall as an applied mathematics major.