Top 20 Senior: Rielly Marquez

By: Brendan Jordan

Reilly Marquez took all of the opportunities given to him while he was here at Wheat Ridge High School.

He took part in the Art class all four years of high school and participated in many clubs.

On his time outside of school, Marquez volunteered to design and paint tables at a local restaurant

Marquez was a great leader. He was a Fresh 23 captain and was the Social Outreach Coordinator and Vice President for NAHS. NAHS is a program that supports bringing more visual arts to schools.

Marquez family and friends think he is very unique with his passion for art. He tried to embrace his passion here at Wheat Ridge.

Many people influenced Marquez during his time at Wheat Ridge. He says that his parents were always supportive of everything he did and guided him on the right path to success. He also explains that Mr. Scaglione was the biggest influence to him because he helped him make his artistic skill better. He and Mr. Scaglione built a very strong friendship with each other that he values a lot.

Marquez explained that he had done all he wanted to in high school and he wouldn’t change it at all. He was very involved with Studio 23 and says that will be the biggest thing that he will miss about high school. He made a lot of good friends there that he hopes he will keep for a long time.

He wishes that he could be successful in designing and managing his own art district in the future. He also wants to travel the world. Rielly is going to attend Metro State University and continue to work on his passion for art

Marquez describes his most embarrassing experience at Wheat Ridge was when he tripped on his shoelaces in freshman year and his biggest pet peeve is when someone texts him, “Call me.”

Marquez thinks that his best quality is his ability to communicate with others. He loves meeting new people and making new friends.

Some of his hobbies are making art, camping, shopping and sleeping. He also enjoys movies like The Shining, Scream, and all marvel movies. He loves eating sushi, and hot wings more than anything else. Marquez plans on spending his summer working and making more art

Rielly wants to ensure that the people still going to Wheat Ridge figure out what they’re passionate about and pursue that during high school. He says that Mr. Scaglione was the teacher that influenced him the most to do his best and become successful.