Top 20 Senior: Perla Guzman

Courtesy of Perla Guzman

Landon Kay N

Courtesy of Perla Guzman

Courtesy of Perla Guzman

By Vanessa Sims

Perla Guzman is one of the kindest people in this school.

She is very intelligent, loving, and especially involved. Guzman has participated in a group known as the Las Chicas, which is an after-school program in which Wheat Ridge students go to Kullerstrand Elementary School to help the students who need it. She has done so for the first two years of her high school experience, while getting community service hours for the National Honors Society for her last two years. While participating in these school activities, Guzman also volunteers twice a week at the Lutheran Medical Center and at her church every weekend.

Guzman considers her parents to be the most influential because they have not only been present for her good times, but her rough ones as well. They show their love and support by attending any of her events such as choir concerts and helping with large projects.

“Within these four years I have built a trust that holds great memories, and I know I will cherish [them] forever,” says Guzman. The most influential teacher she had was English teacher Alison Murphy. Guzman would tell Murphy how much she has impacted her life and guided her to where she is now.

Guzman may be moving on, but, like most people, she will miss some of the things, and people, she leaves behind. One of those people she will miss is Brian Cook, her choir teacher, and her spanish class, saying how much she enjoyed both classes saying. “I connected in such a way that it seemed I had known them before,” she explains.

Guzman is definitely one-of-a-kind. Who else can say that their hobbies include writing poems, learning Portuguese, and listening to Hebrew music? She also loves to read and watch movies, which include her favorites like The Hobbit, Transformers, and Pompeii. Some of her favorite foods include lamb, fish, and all meats.

While spending her summer working non-stop so she can save up enough money to go to Guadalajara, Mexico, she also plans on spending quality time with friends and family while taking lots of selfies. But when school starts back up again, Guzman plans on attending Regis University and, though not a hundred percent sure on her major, she for-sure knows that it will be something around Portuguese.

Guzman is a spectacular person, student, and Farmer, who will leave her own legacy when she leaves! Congrats Perla. Make a difference everywhere you go!