Top 20 Senior: Amil Vranic


Amil Vranic

By: Lily Fraser

Amil Vranic has always been an adventurous person and has done extraordinary things outside of school.

He participated in sports, such as Track and Field his junior year of high school. The sports and activities that Amil did attend outside of school have been volunteer work, multiple jobs, and enjoyable hobbies. Progressing through high school he had several volunteer opportunities varying between working with small children, teaching this Arabic to assisting Olympic coaches, teaching gymnastics, parkour, and even free-running. His activity count included Tae Kwon Do, but leaving shortly after receiving his black belt and eventually putting a majority of his attention to parkour.

After shortly taking a job involving teaching parkour, he received an internship to a Quality Assurance Engineer for ZOLL Data. Then, slowly, he started a down to Earth job as a waiter at Abrusci’s Italian Restaurant. He then got getting hired as a roof salesman for Urban Exteriors. One of his most interesting jobs he has started was his own photography/Videography business under his own name. Wrapping up the end of senior year, Amil now has 5 total jobs.

Through leadership and having a few close friends by his side, he became a youth leader of an organization called BEKCC, Bosian Educational and Cultural Center of Colorado. Through establishing this group, he assisted in not only helping the homeless but unifying to create fundraisers and charity events for them.

Because of all of these jobs and amazing opportunities that have come Amil’s way, his friends and family have said that he’s the “jack of all trades,” who never eases up when having an end goal in mind. Many people have influenced him, and these people are the most financially successful and driven people he knows. Elon Musk, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos had not only influenced him with their drive and passion but their desire to better the world for the better and be very financially comfortable. Amil says that he’d never change a single moment during his high school career.

Amil wants to be happy in life, seek his dreams, and always have strong hope. He plans on adventuring and making his photography business even more successful. Ms. Furay and Mr. Shultz have showed him to separate equal valuable lessons about life and to dream big and never give up on the fight in life. One thing Amil wants to tell them is “thank you,” and that he’ll never forget them.Amil Vranic