Top 20 Senior: Samantha Noel


Samantha Noel

By: Alyssah Shear

Samantha Noel has had a huge impact on the Wheat Ridge community, from participating in Unified Sports for both her junior and senior years, to being junior class president.

Although Noel participated in many things during her high school career, she regrets that she never really saw any of the arts performances and only saw a few of the sports.


Noel’s advice for the remaining Farmers is to take hold of your education and make your own decisions. Noel has proven to have taken control of her education because she will be continuing on to The University of California-San Diego and is going to be studying Marine Biology. She is also planning on going to Grenada in the Caribbean for a marine service trip. All of this proves what a great work ethic she has.


Wisdom and advice are two things Noel admired about Social Studies teacher Stephie Rossi. Rossi helped Noel to become the best person she could be and helped her cultivate her work ethic and her love for learning. One thing that Noel would like to say to Rossi is “thank you” for all she has done. Besides Rossi, Noel would like to thank her mom for influencing her to be a better person and for raising her with compassion and awareness.


Noel has made a very inspiring contribution with her work with disabled children as well. She was raised with a sister who is disabled, so she is very devoted to helping out.  With a kind heart Noel is also hoping to fund a cure for cancer, through marine animal pharmaceuticals.


If given one wish Noel would want to slow the aging process because there is never enough time in the day to do everything she wishes to do. Noel also loves the movies Blind Side and Date Night, and if she had to choose her favorite foods they would be popcorn, smoothies, coffee, and grilled cheese. Her hobby is volunteering at  Miracle Riding Center, a center for kids with disabilities and she has maintained a work schedule of 20-25 hours during her junior and senior years and 30-35 hours during the summer.


After being at Wheat Ridge High School since freshman year she says that her most memorable time was her senior homecoming week because she had a blast at the football game and loved the dance! Clearly Noel has shown a good amount of Farmer pride.