Top 20 Senior: Nikki Strickler

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By:Alyssah Shear

A model outside of school and a Varsity soccer player at school, Nikki Strickler has a well-planned future ahead of her.

Her most wanted desire is to be contracted with her dream agency, Elie Saab in New York City.
Modeling and soccer definitely were not her only achievements in high school. Strickler was also a part of track, cross country, Fresh 23, National Art Honor Society, and Art Club. She was also captain of the cross country team her senior year and co-captain of the Fresh 23 group junior year.
When asked what Stickler would miss the most, she said, “ I will miss sports a lot. The soccer team is like my family and ending this season is gonna be really tough for me.” Not only is soccer going to be most missed by Strickler, but her most memorable moment also includes soccer. Her first varsity soccer game was her freshman year under the lights at Lakewood Memorial Field. “ I was super nervous and excited so I remember that game very vividly,” she said
Strickler plans to move forward into Colorado State University in Fort Collins to study Business Administration and to possibly continue her career in track.
There were quite a few teachers and coaches who had influenced Stickler. “ To everyone I would just like to say thank you for believing me,” she said. If Strickler could have changed one thing in her high school career, she said she would have reached out to other people more because now that her senior year is coming to a close, she realizes that many of her peers have cool beliefs, personalities, and talents.
Summer is getting closer, and Strickler said that she will be modeling and teaching this summer. She has refereed some youth soccer tournaments and helped with church camps encouraging kids to become more active. She also has been a modeling teacher and has taught personal development classes at Barbizon. Over the summer Strickler is planning on going camping and boating as well as spending time with her friends and family before heading off to school again in fall.
Strickler has some great advice for us remaining Farmers: “ It’s cool to be passionate about things and it’s cool to be who you want to be. Don’t take high school, or life in general, so seriously. Cherish the moments you have at Wheat Ridge but also understand that there is so much living to do outside of the walls of WRHS.”