Top 20 Senior: Mason Hagaman

By: Lily Fraser

Mason Hagaman will be graduating this year with many achievements through the past four years.

Mason has a weighted GPA of 4.35 and had been a member of the National Honors Society (NHS) for two years and Student Body President for one. With playing multiple sports such as golf, track and field, and basketball, Mason has been lifeguarding at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center since 2014, was a counselor at the YMCA for two years, and a Red Cross Certified babysitter beginning in 2008 to present.

He led a lot of leadership roles in high school with NHS and Student Body President. His friends and family says that his work ethic is the most unique thing about him. He stays up late and wakes up early to make sure that his work is done. He tries his best to go above and beyond in all aspects of his life. His family deacon and long time friend Daniel Ciucci has been very influential with helping him become a man. He taught Mason responsibility and integrity.

Once he graduates from Wheat Ridge High this year, he will miss the small community of it all. He’s grown to appreciate the tradition.. But, he wishes to ski anywhere for free in his own private helicopter since he’s been skiing since he was young. He dreams to become, one day, a surgeon with his own private practice. He has a deep passion for the medical field and an even greater passion to help people.

His most memorable moment in high school was counting the grand total for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser that he helped set up. Seeing how the support that people were willing to give to a girl who so desperately needed to help was an incredible feeling that he’ll never forget. In his opinion, his best quality could be the patience he has with people. He strives to be an intent listener and hear people out on their opinions and thoughts.

Mason plans of working hard all summer at the Rec Center in order to save up to travel. Coach Dowd has taught him many things over the past 4 years that he’s known him; respect, accountability, teamwork. He made him mentally tough and he would tell him that he appreciates him being so hard on him in order to push him to become a better person.

After graduating in May, 2016, Mason will be going to Colorado State University in Biology. He is excited to say that he will also be in the Biomedical Sciences program there as well.Mason Hagaman