Top 20 Senior: Eliza Van Wetter


Eliza Van Wetter

By Connor Gard

Eliza Van Wetter is an adventurous senior who has tried out many different types of work,  whether it is sports (such as cross country, track, and soccer), clubs (like philosophy and art), and even volunteer work.

Van Wetter has taken part in many leading positions throughout high school. She was a leader of her club soccer team all four years she has been part of it, captain of the cross country team three years, and soccer captain her senior year.

Van Wetter, for her volunteer work, has lent a helping hand on medical mission trips, as well as volunteering to work with Grassroots Soccer in South Africa.

Van Wetter lives to explore, as she enjoys skiing as well as long sunset walks, and dreams to one day climb Mount Everest, walk on the moon, and even to cage dive with sharks.  Besides her love of adventure, Van Wetter is a very much a dog person, with her wish for being able to have unlimited, house trained puppies.  She even says her dog, Cosmo, is her biggest influence, showing how to love yourself, no matter how stinky.

Van Wetter says her best quality is her incredible modesty, and her family and friends describe her as unique, due to her haircut, eating habits, style, and her love of sharks.  And her most embarrassing moment of her high school experience was missing a half court shot during halftime of a Golden game, “by about a mile.”

Van Wetter has left a mark on many people throughout her high school career, and plans to leave a mark on Farmers-to-come saying,  “Appreciate every moment of your experience. Even if you don’t like high school appreciate it because it is an extremely short part of your life that you will never experience again.”

Van Wetter will also have a mark left on her by math teacher Adam Goudge, saying, “Goudge reminds me every day that I am actually not that funny. Thanks Goudge.”


Van Wetter’s plans for the summer include traveling throughout Eastern Europe for two weeks with her family, and spending the rest of her summer hanging out with friends in lovely Colorado.  Next year, Van Wetter will be attending Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.  She will be studying geology.