Top 20 Senior: Tess Greco

By Connor Gard

Tess Greco has had a very busy high school life, taking part in an arrangement of sports, school activities, and out-of-school work.

 Throughout her high school career she has taken part in junior varsity soccer and level three volleyball her freshman year.  Junior varsity soccer carried into sophomore year, with her also taking part in junior varsity volleyball.  Her junior year, she took part in varsity track and varsity volleyball.  And this year she has carried on with varsity volleyball and played varsity tennis.  All four years, Greco has taken part in the WRHS musical.

Greco accredits science teacher Dori Walker to her hard work.  “She showed us an image of success where a bunch of squiggly lines end up in one line going up. The squiggly line represents the messy path it takes to be successful.” This hard work can be seen in her school and volunteer activity.

Greco’s activity can be seen through her large amount of volunteer work. She helps serve and clean up at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church’s monthly pancake breakfast, as well as volunteering at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church’s now closed small community cafe.  She also visits a lady, named Mildred, at the Sandalwood retirement home.  Greco has also participated with the Special Olympics through her volleyball team.  They helped teach challenged individuals how to play volleyball and assisted them in an end of the season tournament.

Greco was the team captain of her varsity volleyball and tennis teams, as well as being a lead role and one of six cast captains in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”  She became a Devotional Leader in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the soprano section leader in the Wheat Ridge High School Chamber Choir.  She also led her junior varsity volleyball team her sophomore year.

Greco sees her mom as the most influential person in her life.  Greco’s mother coached her in volleyball and tennis, teaching her ingenious form and technique, as well as mental endurance.

Greco will look back on her musical theatre experience, saying it helped to reveal her silly, musical, dancing, and singing side.  “The dancing, the singing, the costumes, the make-up, and the friends are part of my memories I always smile back on.”  She also wishes to someday dance in Broadway musicals.

Greco leaves current Farmers with these words, “Be not afraid to try things new. To yourself always be true.”  As well as, “It does not matter how weird you are because you are never alone. You were made for a purpose and as long as you go about it with the intention to spread love, then do it!”

Besides inspiring us, Greco will be traveling to Germany with the Wheat Ridge Singers Jazz Show Choir for ten days this summer.  For the rest of the summer she will be spending time with friends, reading a few books, and working at a coffee shop.

Greco will be attending Regis University, majoring in both neuroscience and music.