Wheat Ridge High School 2016 Presidential Election Population Poll

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Wheat Ridge High School 2016 Presidential Election Population Poll

Landon Stokes, Features Editor

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As Americans dreadfully await the results of today’s presidential election vote, we here at The Haystack ran a poll through a number of classrooms across each grade at Wheat Ridge High School to roughly determine the popular vote among candidates. Our results are as follows. Out of 264 total votes:

  • Hillary Clinton commanded the popular vote with 130 votes (49.2%)
  • Donald Trump came in second with 60 votes (22.7%)
  • Bernie Sanders (even though not officially on the ballot, still received write-in votes) and Gary Johnson almost tied for third place, with Sanders receiving 26 votes (9.8%) and Johnson 23 votes (8.7%)
  • Finally, Jill Stein finished with only 7 votes (2.6%)

These five candidates in total received 93% of the total school-wide vote, but it wouldn’t be a democracy if only some of the vote was counted. Here are some honorable mentions:

  • Complete Anarchy received 3 votes (1.1%)
  • Donald Trump’s running Mate, Mike Pence, nearly missed out with 2 votes (0.7%) along with Michelle Obama, and Twilight Sparkle
  • Last, but certainly not least, Vermin Supreme and our elder lord Cthulhu himself received 1 vote each (0.3%)

While the results of the Wheat Ridge High School popular vote are certainly interesting themselves, the results of this year’s presidential election will no doubt have a profound effect on voters and American citizens for years to come.