Opinion on This Year’s Presidential Election


Connor Gard, Copy Editor

By Connor Gard

This year’s presidential election was a mess, and it has finally come to a close.

We can finally see the evil of political ads disappear. Alongside the disappearance of these ads, however, we now have a bunch of people bickering and threatening one another over the results.

With Donald Trump winning the election, many people are terrified what it means for friends, family, and even the country in the next four years.  Many Hillary Clinton supporters are upset or even furious at the loss, and I can see why.  While I didn’t vote major party this year, I did expect Clinton to win, like many others had also expected, and was thoroughly surprised while watching the election results come in live and the map lighting up red for the Republicans.  As the night continued on, the chances of Clinton’s victory seemed slimmer by the moment, with newscasters mapping out every remaining path that Clinton could still win through, but these options slowly faded away as poll results continued to come in.

While Trump wouldn’t have been my own choice, I believe, with the speech he gave election night, that he sounded truly thankful for the support he had received, and we saw a very different side of him.  We saw Trump talk of congratulations on a hard- fought campaign with Clinton. With his talk of bringing the Democrats, Republicans, and the Independents together, and asking for everyone’s guidance, he seeks a way to help unify and fix the gaps between them.

Although many of his stances have been controversial and poorly received, I believe that we should give him a chance.  Even if he was put into office by the electoral college (a system many people dislike), the people put him into office, and I truly believe we owe him the chance to show that he can make a change.  Seeing that he wants the guidance of the people, we can help and see if he can truly “Make America Great Again.”