The Encroachment of Christmas On the Holiday Season


David Sucsy

Landon Stokes, Features Editor

By Landon Stokes

As we are almost halfway through November, Thanksgiving will be upon us soon and with it, the midpoint in the holiday season.

However, it is hard to tell there’s even a holiday in November at all, with the amount of pre-Black Friday sales, Christmas commercials, and merchandise already cluttering store isles.
Mid-November seems a bit early to start the Christmas season, doesn’t it? Well, apparently not to CEOs and store owners, whose festive seasons actually start at the beginning of October and seem to creep earlier into each coming year. Some people quite enjoy the holiday season, and I would agree that it’s a fun time of year, but only to an extent.

The Christmas season is nice, but only in December. There has to be time to enjoy the other holidays, too. One week of spooky and one day of turkey is not enough to equal balance 82 days of Santa Claus. Besides, it’s been a surprisingly hot and dry November, with temperatures last week alone being near or above 70 degrees every day. How is one supposed to get into the Christmas spirit when it feels like summer never even left? As a Coloradan, it is my opinion that Christmas is only appropriate when its cold and there’s snow on the ground.

This goes for the holiday itself, too, not just the season. Years that aren’t as snowy as others or those where there’s not even snow on the ground aren’t acceptable to have Christmas on, and we should postpone the holiday until adequate winter precipitation is achieved. So if you’re someone who is already getting into the holiday spirit, you should at least wait until it doesn’t feel like summer every day.