Sadie Hawkin’s Dance Picture


Jesse and his date pose at Sadie's. Courtesy of Blanca Praxedis

Zoey Terry, Rookie Reporter

Cael Yenzer having fun and posing at Sadie’s. Courtesy of Zoey Terry

By: Zoey Terry

Most of you know Sadie Hawkins as a semi-formal dance where instead of boys inviting the girls, the girls invite the boys, giving us women a sense of empowerment and confidence.

The idea of girls-ask-boys came from the comic strip Li’l Abner written by the Cartoon artist Al Capps in the 1930’s. In this comic, Sadie Hawkin’s father, mayor of Dogpatch, was so terrified that his daughter would never get married and settle down simply because she was known as “the homeliest gal in all them hills.” She was so ugly no one wanted to love or be seen with her. So her father created The Sadie Hawkins Day; the day where all bachelors in town gather together to race for their lives, while the single most unwanted women chase after them. If the woman catches her man she dreams to be with, he is required to marry her. This day was also known as the town’s bachelors’ most dreaded day of the year, and the women’s most beloved.

WRHS Sadie’s dance had a huge turnout this year. Students from every grade came together and really enjoyed being with their friends and tried to make the most out of the dance. Even if the music wasn’t that good or the people weren’t that delightful.

Donavan and Mikayla pose for a photo.
Courtesy of Blanca Praxedis