Top 19 Senior: Shannon Hannaway


Brendan Jordan, Sports Editor

Superstar senior Shannon Hannaway participated in loads of activities during her time at Wheat Ridge, including being an Outdoor Lab leader in 2015 and a part of the Jeffco Art Show.

She also was given countless awards such as the Academic All State in Swimming, an AP Scholar Award, and a Jeffco Art Show finalist.

According to her friends and family, Hannaway’s most unique trait is how she puts others before herself. She explains that if she were on a sinking ship and could save herself or someone else, she would pick the latter. Service to others before herself is one of the most significant pillars of Hannaway’s personal beliefs.

Although there are many people who influence a girl of Hannaway’s kind, she described her grandfather as her biggest one. She explains that he gave her the idea of putting others before herself and has really taught her integrity and managing priorities. Hannaway dreams of being able to leave this world better than she found it. By using her ROTC scholarship for the Air Force at Montana State University, she will be working to make that dream come true.

Although she’ll miss being able to see her friends whenever she wants, Hannaway says that high school put her through the wringer…in a good way. She says she suffered many physical and emotional traumas over her four years as a Farmer that made her a better person in the end. She’s able to acknowledge the quality friends that she has and is able to hold her physical and emotional health to her heart after all that she’s been through. Hannaway’s advice to the rest of her Farmer family is to remember that it always gets better. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and you can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you react to it.

Before she heads off to college, Hannaway plans on swimming, exploring, and playing with her adorable dogs, Tuck and Pumpkin. She has plans to travel to Creede, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, and New Mexico. By serving her country, fostering special needs animals, and continuing to volunteer at hospitals and events for special needs people, she’s proved that she absolutely deserves to be voted a top 20 senior.