Top 19 Seniors: Paul Slevin


Emily Regner, Staff Writer

Paul Slevin has a caring heart and a wonderful sense of humor.

It wouldn’t be expected that someone has no pet peeves, but as for Slevin, he does not have any at all. He is a hard worker who tries his best at all times. For his last year of high school he was Prom King, a memory he will always cherish– an embarrassing one at that. One of his many dreams is to go to outer space and head straight for the moon.

Slevin’s great leadership roles have allowed him to be an assistant coach of the football team with Coach RJ Trione and the basketball team with Coach Tom Dowd. During his high school career he has played basketball his sophomore and his junior year. He has also bowled for two years starting from his sophomore to junior year as well, and was in track of 2016. Outside of his life at school, he is on the Special Olympics’ softball team and also on a soccer team.

Special programs teacher Brian Deeds influences Slevins life the most because he helps him with reading, math, and making good decisions. His parents show him responsibility and also impacts him the most. Art teacher Andy Yutzy and Mr. Deeds will be missed the most by Slevin.

As for Slevin, high school was perfect for him, and he would not have changed anything if he was asked to do so. Although he will miss all of his friends and teachers, he will miss all of his coaches like Coach Dean Miller, Coach Trione, Coach Heather McAdams, Coach Vince Dowd, and Mr. Deeds most of all. He will also miss his fun trips that he use to go on. As of next year he will be moving on to a Central Area Transition Service (C.A.T.S) program for him to get jobs and further schooling.

Slevin’s summer will be spent playing sports, watching sports on the T.V, and walking his dog Nina. While enjoying his time off from school, he will eat his favorite foods such as Mexican hamburgers, PB & J sandwiches, waffles, and eggs. He also plans to spend his hot summer days with his friend Kaden. Furthermore, he will be going to Texas for his vacation, but before he goes, he will spend time in Camp Paha. One of his last words to the Farmers would be, “Be happy kind people and most of all have fun.”

The halls of Wheat Ridge will be lonely without Slevin picking up the recycling papers. We will all miss him dearly but we are glad that he is going to go far with his life. All the high fives that he has given people with the smiles will be missed as well.