Top 19 Senior: Dalaney Huckaby


Joey Huckaby, Staff Writer

When thinking about Top 20 Senior Dalaney Huckaby one adjective keeps coming to mind: compassionate.

She is the type of person who cares about everyone. She strives to be nice to all people and listen to everyone’s sides. “My mom influenced me the most because everything I do I try to make her proud,” said Huckaby. Girls basketball Coach Cindy Wirth inspires Huckaby because she taught her that putting in work will get your results. Huckaby would like to tell Wirth “Thanks for sticking by me for 4 years.”

At the farm, Huckaby played soccer, volleyball, and basketball her freshman and sophomore years. Her junior year she played basketball. Huckaby was the manager for the girls basketball team her senior year. She was in National Honors Society all four years of high school. Huckaby often volunteered at the VA hospital for NHS.

Huckaby’s family says that she is unique and a kind-hearted person because she is sensitive and says she “wears my heart on my sleeve.” She is unique because she can be a tomboy but also likes to be a regular girl. The Huckaby family says she has a kind heart because she is willing to always be there for you no matter what and is always a happy person. She believes her best quality is how she can always find the best in people, and certain situation.

Huckaby has no regret in high school and believes everything happens for a reason. If she could have one wish granted, she wishes for more scholarship money so she would not be so broke. Huckaby’s biggest dream is to graduate college with a degree in a field that she loves healthcare.
When ask what was the most embarrassing thing that happen to her in high school Huckaby said, “I was running off a basketball court when I tripped and fell over nothing; I army crawled off the court to my bench.”

Huckaby will miss seeing all her friends and the closeness of everything at Wheat Ridge. Huckaby’s biggest pet peeve is when tall people stand in front of her. She loves to go camping, boating, fishing, and spending time with friends and family. Her favorite food is pizza and hot wings.

Huckaby plans to spend her summer working and going on trips with friends and family.
One piece of advice Huckaby would leave behind for the remaining Farmers is, “Keep your grades up but still make time for doing fun things. Make memories.”

Huckaby will be attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. She is undecided on what part of the medical field to study in. Wheat Ridge is the best school in Jeffco because of students like Dalaney Huckaby. Her hard working attitude, wonderful heart is something everyone should strive to for, We wish you the best of luck, Dalaney!