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Top 19 Senior: Isaiah Jakab

Emily Regner, Staff Writer

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Isaiah Jakab is a modest person. His friends and family think of him as a provoking conversationalist because he goes on tangents and then jokes about it.

Jakab has one wish, and it is to have a more educated population; for if the population is educated, then, many problems would not plague society and could possibly be cleansed. As one of his pet peeves, he really gets annoyed over prideful people and also others who say,”Do good” instead of “Do well.” One of his memories that will stick with him for his lifetime is when he wore a bald cap for his ID picture for his senior year; he wrestled to put on for two hours.

During Jakab’s high school years, he has participated in numerous activities, for instance, for his freshman and sophomore years he played soccer and ran track for only his sophomore year. Outside of sports, he has participated in every musical and volunteered in the National Honors Society. In the musical, Jakab was the lead in his last show The Pirates of Penzance. While spending hours volunteering, Jakab has helped children with disabilities at a camp every summer.

As Jakab moves on with his life, he would like to thank English teacher Matt Couch for teaching him he shouldn’t have a wife because he also likes, “Money in my pocket, yo!” as Mr. Couch says. Also, special recognition goes towards Stephanie Rossi, who gave him an unforgettable sense of orientation when she stated, “You’re not lost; you’re just on a new adventure.” Influenced by many, one person who has especially shaped Jakab’s life would have to be Mahatma Gandhi. For Gandhi’s tireless efforts to making the world a better place. Accepting and respecting others’ judgments whilst fighting for equality and unification has been the biggest inspiration to Jakab.

Although he has participated in many activities, the one experience that Jakab would change if he had to relive high school would be his participation in the variety of clubs that Wheat Ridge had to offer. The most he will miss about high school is all of his teachers who care for his learning and about him as an individual.

For his summer off of high school, he plans to go back to Haiti and on a trip with his family. As Jakab could assure us, he is not fussy with the food he eats, as, he has had food from Haiti, Spain, France, and all around the U.S. Jakab most likely will be spending his time off of school, until university, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. His plan for the future is to study political science at the University of Denver. His last words to the Wheat Ridge Farmers is to never stop trying in all your classes and to always stay humble by learning from others.  


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Top 19 Senior: Isaiah Jakab