Top 19 Senior: Hannah Livingston


Rachel Vigil, Editor-in-Chief

There may not be one senior who was involved in every possible club, activity, sport, or class, but Hannah Livingston is probably as close as you can get.

She was a member of the swimming team and varsity cross country team all four years, the varsity track and field team her junior and senior years, and was a member of the JV soccer team sophomore and freshman years. On top of that, she also found time to participate in BEST Robotics, Technology Student Association, the pit orchestra, Student Senate, the National Honors Society, the National Art Honors Society, and Philosophy club.

Livingston’s personality reflects the wide variety of activities she does. Rather than being just serious or just funny, just a nerd or just a jock, she is a unique person who embodies a variety of character traits.

Her friends and English Teacher Angela Pera influenced her the most throughout high school. Her friends pushed her to expand her horizons and try new things, and she values their opinions deeply. Pera similarly pushed Livingston to pursue her dreams. Whether it was by believing in her, helping her with college essays, or inspiring her to do and be more, Pera pushed Livingston to be better.

Despite her long list of extracurriculars, Livingston wishes she could have done more. More classes, more clubs, more of everything. One of her favorite memories at the school was when she and some friends found a baby mouse frozen on the sidewalk that they promptly saved and brought to biology teacher Dori Walker. They fed it with an eyedropper and named him Furdinand of Hairagon. She visited him every day in biology class.

Livingston wishes to have a happy, adventurous life. Witnessing history being made. Living and working around the world. To do something extreme and survive. She wants to have experiences that will translate into great stories to someday tell her kids. Her dream is to become a renowned engineer at UC Berkeley and go on to design wind turbines off the coast of the Netherlands.

Before she heads off to University of Colorado, Boulder, Livingston plans to work as a lifeguard and horticulturist this summer. She also is taking a road trip to Lake Tahoe with her friends as a sort of last hurrah. Livingston wants to tell future Farmers to seize the opportunities that high school offers and get involved