Top 19 Senior: Amy Leasure


Nevaeh Valtierra, Staff Writer

Amy Leasure has participated in many activities during her high school career such as cross country, swimming, soccer, track, National Honors Society, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and STEAM.

She has also done many spectacular things outside of school, she has been a swim coach, swim instructor, and lifeguard. Her hard-working and competitive spirit is what makes her a great leader. Leasure was a four-time captain for cross country, two-time captain for soccer, two-time captain for track, and one-time captain for swimming.

Although Leasure has had many accomplishments throughout her high school career she does wish she would have been more involved in the arts. She would have liked to meet more people and expand her horizons in terms of hobbies. Her most embarrassing moment during high school was during a cross country meet when she was on her way to the finish line and fell in front of a stadium packed with people.

She will miss her family, being able to see her friends every day, and seeing the beautiful Colorado mountains every day. It’ll be weird to let go of her 13-year-old routine and switch it out for a new one.

Leasure’s sister influences her the most; she always tries her hardest no matter the type of adversity there is or how hard the challenge. She finds beauty in the world and shares positivity. Coach Dean Miller has also greatly influenced Leasure. He has coached her since she was six years old and not only has he taught her the fundamentals of swimming but also the fundamentals of teamwork, hardwork, and dedication.

If Leasure could have one wish granted, it would be to have a cure for AT (Ataxia-telangiectasia disease). Every day she wishes her sister didn’t have to deal with the disease. Her biggest dream is to travel the world. She wants to see every sight there is to see and she wants to enrich herself in the cultures and see the beauty of the world and its people.

Leasure enjoys swimming, hiking, running, being outside, eating, and coloring. She absolutely hates lines, she likes to continue her adventures without any interruptions. Her favorite foods are sushi, chicken parmesan, and cookies.

This summer she plans on working, coaching swimming, and also enjoying her family and friends presence. She will be attending Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Her advice to remaining Farmers is to embrace the culture of Wheat Ridge.