Top 19 Senior: Erin Sweeney

Top 19 Senior: Erin Sweeney

Brendan Jordan, Sports Editor

During of the four years that Erin Sweeney has attended Wheat Ridge, she was a part of the swim team and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, while for three years she has been a part of the National Honors Society, and for two years she has played on the soccer team.

While juggling all those activities, Sweeney tried cross country, Art Club, STEAM, and the Robotics Club all one time, but didn’t continue them. Sweeney swam for the Northern Jeffco swim team, and worked for the Applewood Athletics Club as a lifeguard, event coordinator, swim lesson coordinator, and water safety instructor. Sweeney held leadership roles as an event coordinator in 2016 and a swim lesson coordinator in 2017 for the Applewood Athletic Club.

Friends and family of Sweeney have said that she is a very unique girl. They say she’s a funny girl with a hint of sass. When asked about her biggest influences, Sweeney mentioned her mother who works extremely hard for her family and is amazing with people.

Sweeney says that she wishes she would’ve spent less time on sports and homework and more time getting to know more people at Wheat Ridge. She will miss being able to drive to her friends’ houses all the time. She will also miss the drama and the relationships she built here at Wheat Ridge the most.

Sweeney was generous enough to share her most embarrassing moment while going to Wheat Ridge. During her freshman year, while presenting to her class about why longer lifetimes were bad, she explained that old people are worthless and just take up space. She proceeded to tell her fellow classmates the she was unaware if her grandparents were even alive to soften the blow a little bit. Not the best memory, for sure.

Aside from school, Sweeney says that if she could have one wish come true, it would be for her to be able to travel the world and travel through time.

For advice, Sweeney says to get good grades but not focus too much on that so that high school passes you by. Before going off to Colorado School of Mines, she plans to play with her dog and do a little more swimming. The Haystack wishes her the best of luck getting her degree!