Top 19 Senior: Isabel Fernald


Nevaeh Valtierra, Staff Writer

Isabel Fernald’s willpower is what helped her accomplish great things in high school. Throughout it, Fernald participated in many school activities such as the National Honors Society, Philosophy Club, Science Bowl, and the Mega Math Challenge.

Fernald also participated in multiple sports such as cross country, swimming, and track and field. Outside of school Fernald was a Lakewood Library volunteer and a CU Denver administrative assistant. She competed in USATF indoor track and field. Fernald is also a great leader; she was a three time cross country captain and a three time track and field captain. She was also vice president of the National Honors Society.

Fernald’s family influenced her to make good decisions. Her family and friends say she is optimistic and has a fierce drive. They also find her love for math and art very unique. Fernald’s favorite memory is the moment when her team completed the Mega Math Challenge. Although she made many accomplishments in high school, if Fernald could relive the four-year experience she would chill out more and not freak out about the possibility of getting a B.

Fernald’s track and cross country coach, Judy Chamberlin inspired her the most. Fernald would thank her for pushing her to be better, faster, for believing in her abilities, and for making her work even when she didn’t want to. Fernald’s advice to remaining farmers is to have ambition.

Fernald’s one wish would be to have the ability to fly. She would use her power of flight to get famous, then she would use the fame to become President. As President her plan would be to decrease poverty and promote education and economic growth by instituting a minimum income for all high school graduates. Fernald’s biggest dream is to design cheap, environmentally responsible everyday products to subtly work towards a more ecologically responsible world.

Fernald’s pet peeves are loud-eaters, slow-walkers, and people who blame others for their own problems. Her favorite foods are ice cream, pesto, marshmallows, and all other forms of sugar. Fernald’s hobbies include running, rollerblading, baking, swimming, and making art.

During the summer, Fernald is going to coach track, go on at least two road trips, go camping, run, swim, and roller blade a lot. Fernald will be continuing her education at Arizona State University and will be studying Industrial Design and Sustainability.