The Summer Reading Program has Success


Photo by Nevaeh Valtierra

Wheat Ridge High School’s prize for winning the Jeffco Summer reading program.

Nevaeh Valtierra, Features Editor

Students are always coming and going from the library, but are any of them actually reading?

Students are checking out books for class, logging into computers, printing essays out, and avoiding the social life in the library, but do any of them intentionally read? Apparently some students are reading since we won for having the most minutes read by high school students!

Schools have the chance to win money for their school by having the most minutes-read logged in from their students. Debbie Livingston, our head school librarian, reached out to a Jeffco librarian last semester and asked her to come in and help students register online. In 2015, Wheat Ridge won, and this year we have won again for being the high school with the most minutes logged in from its students. The prize was $800 that went toward books and resources for students. The school also received a trophy that has been displayed on a bookshelf in the library.

The Jeffco Library Summer Reading Program is an offered program that take place in of course the summer time. Participants log their minutes read online and have the chance to win prizes. It was created to help students maintain their reading skills during summer break. Studies have shown that children who read during the summer generally maintain their reading skills or even improve their reading. Studies have also shown that children who see their parents read, or who read with their parents help them improve in reading as well. That’s part of why the program encourages all age groups to participate. Every time you achieve a certain amount of minutes-read you have the chance to win prizes such as coupons for amusement parks, free books, and other rewards.

With the support from English teachers, students were made aware of the Summer Reading Program and were encouraged to participate. “We want all students to develop a love for reading,” said Livingston. Not only can reading help our reading skills but it can be fun. Some people enjoy reading to get away. Reading can teach us things, strengthen our imaginations, and keep us busy.