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Wheat Ridge Farmers JV softball Team

Alexis Martinez

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Wheat Ridge Farmers JV softball Team by Alexis Martinez

<h3>The Farmers JV softball team had a great season this year.<3> Their results have been amazing, as they have worked hard to be undefeated. Gianna Cordova, second baseman and  freshman, stated “All the girls on the softball team get along.”

Cordova also complimented all of her coaches who she stated were amazing, specifically Coach Johnny Quezada who she says demonstrates the basic attributes a coach should have. She says that Coach Johnny “pushes her to do her best,” and encourages all of his players to do the same. Brianna Alexus, centerfielder and junior, was also interviewed about her thoughts on the season so far. Alexus stated that softball is “going alright” and that softball “takes her mind off of school and stress.”

In what was described as an extremely intense and hard fought game, the JV softball team played in the championship game on Saturday Sep 3 against the Pomona Panthers at Youth Memorial Field. Freshman Maddison Kime, who plays left field described how Pomona took control of the first half of the game :“they were just playing the right way and exposing our mistakes.”

The Farmers were down 5 runs.  Pomana put up 10 runs to the Farmers’ 7. Later in the game, rain continued to pick up, but didn’t seem to have any effect on the Farmers, as they came out onto the field with fire and took the lead. At this time the Farmers scored 18 points, and Pomona scored 7. The score 18-10 was from the second part of the game, and 10-7 was from the first part of the game. Pomona had complained about how they could not get the last out due to the rain but the Farmers weren’t bothered by it at all. Then they said that they had to go back to the last game because of the rain and the dirt. However in the last game Pomana had the score 10-7 .

The score was 18-10 but Pomona took it home because of technicality. The Farmers put their hearts to it and worked hard during the championship. The JV team finished their successful season with a record of 14-1.

photo by Madison kime

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Wheat Ridge Farmers JV softball Team