Wheat Ridge High School’s Trick-or-Treat Street

Julles Marquez, Rookie Reporter

Photo by Julles Marquez
Trick-Or-Treat Street at Wheat Ridge High School

Halloween is a widely loved holiday, especially among children. We see the utter joy and pure elation in a child’s eyes when they receive a handful of America’s delicacy: candy.

The majority of us are understandably reminiscent of the plastic wrapper unfolding the nostalgic and delectable piece of childhood. As we age and begin to have our own children, we wish to grant our children the same sheer happiness we had dressing up in whatever attire we could put together for the day’s occasion and of course, getting candy. Perhaps that is why Wheat Ridge High School holds its annual Trick-or-Treat Street every year, for the distinctly nostalgic memories of childhood and free celebration of Halloween.

“The interactions between the kids and the adults were pleasant,” says Sophomore Elliana Martin, a spectator at the event. “I have two cousins, and if I had the opportunity to bring them, I would.” Martin expanded on the amount of people arriving from start to end, and how successful Trick-or-Treat was in her eyes. Martin also talked about how family-friendly the event was. The amount of people that made an appearance that night was abundant. The hallways were filled from each corner with children disguised as their favorite fictional characters as well as a small amount of adults corresponding with their child’s costume of choice.

The event held a variation of different games children could participate in in exchange for candy– the activity’s basis of appeal. Varying tables according to the school’s selective curricular activities had different games like target practice, throwing games, and others, to give children their candy as a reward. “If I was their age, I would’ve enjoyed the activities offered and thought they were fun,” stated Sophomore, Noah Neff.  From what I observed, the children had a lot of fun going from stand to stand collecting handfuls of sweet and sour candy in reward of shooting a target, tossing a ball, and interacting with high school students.

Throughout the whole night, there were an interesting variety of student and nonstudent costumes presented in public, providing a great example about what Trick-or-Treat Street provides, and what Halloween is all about. “I loved all the costumes that I saw throughout the night. Whether they were adults or children,” says Sophomore Sarah Pena, a GT stand leader. “A bunch of them made me laugh, and others made me smile because of how creative they were.”  And as more people arrived, the more costumes we had the privilege of witnessing.

Trick-or-Treat Street had yet another terrific turnout this year. From what can be observed, many children and adults enjoyed what Wheat Ridge High School had to offer from each stand, and families were thoroughly impressed with the extensive decorations and effort put into organizing the event. As time passes and children age, we can hope that future parents continue to take their children to events like Trick-or-Treat Street, and with that, events like it can hopefully occur with annual tradition.