Red Rocks Review

Zoey Terry, Staff Writer

When it comes to seeing a concert, the first place I think of is Red Rocks.

If you don’t know already, Red Rocks Amphitheatre is the best concert venue in history of venues. Imagine being at an open air amphitheater, listening to your favorite artist and being surrounded by big, stunning sandstone red rocks. That’s exactly what I experienced on October 28th, and it was easily the best night of my life.

Halloween on the Rocks is what they call it. Every year, either on or close to halloween, the Red Rocks facility gets a famous artist to perform on the rocks. Last year they invited Mac Miller, and this year they invited Russ. These two amazing rappers started off with only 10 followers and now have hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world.

“I’m speechless about my life. Red Rocks, thank you. Fans, thank you.” Russ tweeted after performing in front of 10,000 people for the first time in his life. “This is a dream that I’m living in and it doesn’t come true without ya’ll.”

With the crowd going wild to every song, and memories being made throughout the night, everyone dressed up in silly costumes like a pirate or Where’s Waldo, and dancing till our feet fell off. The night was filled with new adventures and fun that it seemed like it went by in only seconds. But it’ll always be a night I’ll never fail to remember.

Throughout my years of life, I’ve been to dozens of concert venues, and Red Rocks is hands down the best and most breathtaking one out there. Although it takes a bit of a hike to get from the parking lots to the amphitheatre, it’s totally worth getting away from the city.

Red Rocks can be more than just a concert venue, you can make it your own free outdoor gym as well. Many walkers, runners, hikers, and yoga participants come up to Red Rocks every day to enjoy the fresh air and get in a little workout. There is also a restaurant and a mini museum as well, where you can relax around the rocks or learn about it’s history.

It’s not only good to get a workout in, get away from the city, but Red Rocks is also good for the soul. Series of studies have shown that being outside around nature is your brains miracle medicine. It reduces stress and depression, and makes you feel more alive. Plus you’re listening to your favorite band or artist, what could be better?

Best music, best acoustics, best concerts ever. Perhaps even the most beautiful place on earth. Haven’t been yet? Add it to your bucket list, it will not disappoint.