Global Leadership Sends Students on a Journey


This is the Global Leadership Summit that is going to take place in 2018!

Lendsy Barriga, Staff Writer

The librarian at Wheat Ridge High School, Debbie Livingston, is inviting students who have decent grades and who were nominated by at least one teacher to a trip across Europe.

The trip is the 2018 Global Leadership Summit that is going to take place in Berlin, Prague, Krakow, and Budapest which focuses on the influence of technology on society.
The tour is going to last 13 days from July 10-23. Students on the Summit theme will hear from renowned speakers as they lead discussions and workshops around the influence of technology on society. Students will work in international teams to find solutions for worldwide challenges.
Participants from WRHS are expected to engage with people outside of their classroom and community while being confident and showing maturity, and experience new foods, culture, and people. This trip can also help students with their professional life that includes their job or college applications.

“The Global Leadership Summit is offered every summer in a different city and country in the world, and it brings high school students from all over the world to a conference that addresses important issues,” stated Livingston. There are 18 students currently signed up to go to the trip.

For the 2018 trip, students were nominated by teachers in the school mainly for math, science, and computer science. Livingston said, “We were picking out students that were both interested in the themes, that were excellent students and that would have the potential which should be leaders and would be driving part of the global leadership experience.”

“I’m most excited about going to four different countries and being able to experience how people live there and I’ve only been out of the state once so this is very new for me,” stated sophomore Kassady Werner. This trip has many opportunities to offer and will surely target your points of interest.