Wheat Ridge Wrestling

Madison Kime, Rookie Reported

Around this time of the year, wrestling season begins for high schools.

David Osse has been coaching the wrestling team for 17 years, before he started teaching algebra one. Osse begin teaching because he felt he missed out on a lot of his kid’s lives because of the current job he had, and it had been a tradition within his family to teach.

 Wheat Ridge started their wrestling season the weekend of Dec. 3rd with a competition held at Golden High School against 15 different schools. The senior students who wrestled on Saturday were Joell Ortivez, Bryce Weber, Angelo Vecchiarelli, Josh Moler, and Jacob Valdez. The one Junior wrestler that competed was Jayce Chea. Two freshmen that competed wrestlers Riley Payne, and Tevone Hall. At the competition senior, Josh Moler went undefeated. Moler qualified regionals last year before losing. This year Moler and the wrestling team are hoping to make it to State and take a trophy back to the farm. Senior Jacob Valdez broke his hand during the second match, which he was winning in. Valdez took his opponent down and his hand got stuck under his opponent, resulting in a broken hand, and Valdez is expected to be out for awhile.

Amanda Komoczi is the only female wrestler on the Wheat Ridge team. Komoczi has been wrestling for Wheat Ridge since her freshman year, and does MMA fighting as well. Amanda says she “doesnt find the boys intimidating, but just like her teammates on any other team.” There are weight classes that will determine what division you will wrestle in. Osse and the team are hoping for a successful season, and to win state.