Sometimes it’s not bad to Return to the Farm

The Agrarian
Math teacher Kendra Gothard during her days as a student at Wheat Ridge.

Zoey Terry, Staff Writer

As you may or may not know, there are past Wheat Ridge students roaming the halls in school every day.

Past students are now teachers and become either their biggest dream or their absolute worst nightmare: two different perspectives in one high school.

Kendra Gothard and Anitria Hall, two of the school’s most loveable teachers, both went to Wheat Ridge in 1996 and graduated in 2000. High school was one of their favorite times and they’re more than happy to be back here again and teaching.

Gothard started teaching here in 2006, but she’s not just a math teacher here, she’s also one of the soccer coaches for the girls team. “When I graduated I knew that I wanted to teach, and I knew that I wanted to teach math. And actually, when I left I told Dan Watkins, the JV coach, that I wanted to coach, and I said to him, save me a spot because I will be back!” And she’s kept her word ever since.

Brittany Hovland, only graduated from Wheat Ridge only a decade ago and started teaching here two years ago. “High school had its positive times, but I had a lot of difficulties during these years. I was lucky enough to make some life-changing connections with my teachers, specifically with Heim, Austin, Rossi, and Goudge. They encouraged me and kept me laughing.” Although high school may not have been Hovland’s favorite years, she’s learned lessons and made new friendships that will stick with her forever and she’s grateful for that.

Over the years, each class has changed in terms of respect, behavior, clothing, technology and school spirit. Unlike today, back when Gothard, Hall and Hovland went to high school, everyone seemed to be more involved in everything. The student body, all the students, even parents were involved.

“We made our own shirts for games and had our own spirit weeks outside of just the times we coordinated them for dances.” said Hovland. Everyone would get so into the spirit weeks, there would sometimes be kids who went a bit too overboard, but everyone loved it because it was the most fun and exciting part of high school.

But just like today, sports teams had themes to get pumped for the game later that day. “I played sports so we were always dressing in themes to draw awareness to the event,” says Hall, who also played sports throughout high school.

These three teachers aren’t the only ones who attended Wheat Ridge in high school, and most of them didn’t even know that they’d be coming back here. So who knows, you might also return back here in ten years.