Why so many chargers?


Martin Haas

Power strip and extension cord jumble

Joey Huckaby, Marketing Editor

I went to a basketball game the other night, and one thing I noticed was that every single outlet in the gym and hallways had a phone charger plugged into it.

Every single outlet! All I was thinking is, “Man, I bet the electrical bill is higher for schools and gyms ever before.” I even asked around and found out Wheat Ridges electric bill is approximately $18,000.00 a month.

Most of our schools were built in the 1950s. I mean, come on, back in the ‘50s we hadn’t even made it to the moon! Now, these little phone devices hold more technology than the Apollo 11 station, and yet we have hundred of them plugged into outlets. I think the reason why Jeffco and Congress can never figure out why they are losing so much money is because they have to pay for thousands of outlets that are constantly being tapped by teenagers.

You know, I’ll tell you a secret. I could become a millionaire by charging people to use power in buildings. But then again, the phone companies could just build better phone batteries. I don’t understand why we had to do away with 1980s car phones. I would love to have one of those huge Motorola phones that make you feel like a World War II captain.  

For those of you younger readers car phones had 80 pounds computers in the car so the phone would work like a landline. If you had a car phone you were considered top of the line, and you drove a Lincoln or a Cadillac. No one ever thought a little handheld device could make phone calls. Horror movies were made in the ‘50s poking fun of the small brick that people communicated with. All people knew were landlines.

That’s another thing, why doesn’t anyone have landlines anymore? I remember being little and when you got someone’s phone number it was always their home phone. You had to meet the parent first before you could talk to  the girl. Nowadays you can’t even look up people in phone books anymore.

I haven’t had a white page delivered to my house in about 5 years. I really liked those tree-killing books. Man they smelled good!

I made my parents keep our landline, I like having people calling my home phone. Throws some spice into the conversation.

Also, a landline will work during a storm or prolonged power outages. A phone will really only last maybe three days; however, landlines will last for weeks, as long as the generators keep running at the phone company.

I sure would rather trust rusty generators from the ‘80s than portable pieces of garbage. I don’t understand how times have changed so much. We need to pump the breaks and take a look at the past and be careful about the future.