Parent Teacher Conferences


Lendsy Barriga, Staff Writer

Wheat Ridge High School’s parent teacher conferences were held to discuss students’ academic and behavioral performance.

To further emphasize, learning environments and teaching systems were also covered to give parents a better understanding about their children’s strengths and weaknesses. Conferences were held on Feb. 15, commencing from 3:00 and terminating at 7:00. It caused a shift in the school schedule to make the event more flexible, moving late start to normal entrance time and releasing students earlier with an optional lunch at the end of the day. Period 5 was the first class, from 7:25-9:00, Period 6 was from 9:05-10:40 and Period 7 ranged from 10:45- 12:20, finishing with lunch starting at 12:25-12:55 where students elected whether to stay for lunch or to go home.
The conference setup changed, in that a minor inconvenience made the large gym unavailable, dispersing teachers from different departments into separate areas: the cafeteria, main hallway, and library. Social Studies, English, Art, GT, PE and Music were in the cafeteria, Math and Science in the library, World Languages in room 152 and Special Education in the library computer lab. Spring conferences institute the opportunity for students to adjust to their classes based on discussions. It also presents the possibility for parents to connect with students and their education, leading to potential further educational preparation and career experiences.