A Brief Look Into Cloverfied


courtesy of Polygon.com

Aydan Harr, Staff Writer

In 2007 a trailer for a movie came out. The trailer did not contain the movie’s title, just a short clip of the Statue of Liberty being destroyed in the background of a rooftop party.

The trailer ended with a release date “1/18/18.” The movie would later be known as Cloverfield. The creator of the film, director J.J Abrams, who also directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens, wanted to create a fictional universe that parallels our own. He did this by making fake websites and Myspace pages for each one of the characters and updated them over to the course of the movie’s launch. This, in turn, created a very unique and interesting story which has created a lot of dedicated fans. I’m going to explain the story the best I can, but it’s very complicated and hard to follow, so I will be breaking it up so it’s easier to understand.

To build the world of Cloverfield, websites were created for the fictional company called Tagruato and its affiliations. Tagruato is a Japanese drilling company that specializes in deep sea oil. On their website you can find information on and the location of their drilling platforms. The site also contains the information and links to other companies that are affiliated with Tagruato. The websites include Yoshida Medical Research, Bold Futura, ParaFUN! Wax distributors, and the most important, Slusho. The website also contains a “contact” link with an email address attached.

Chuai Station and Slusho:
Chuai Station is the most recent deepsea drilling station created by Tagruato and it first started drilling in 2007. This station isn’t at all what it seems, Then there Slusho witch is a company that specializes primarily in frozen drinks with a secret ingredient called seabeds nectar. This ingredient supposedly makes whoever drinks it feel very happy. On Slusho’s website you can find an advertisement for the company and a brief history; you can also find a merchandise store where you can buy shirts, hats, and keychains. In 2007, prior to the movie’s release, real people were ordering things from this store, but when their packages finally arrived there was something extra in the box. It was a letter to the employees at Chuai Station from a higher up. On the back of the letter there was a note that read “America, The Chuai Station holds a dark secret. Good people are going missing. Expect further communication in the future,” signed “The Whistle Blower.” Upon receiving this letter the people of the internet emailed Tagruato and received a new message which read, “American, no oil here must have known before they built,” once again signed “The Whistle Blower.” This was the last message from “The Whistle Blower.” A few weeks had passed since this last message was received, when several videos of Chuai Station collapsing into the ocean began to surface and in the vidoes a large shadow can be seen in the water.

What happened to Chuai Station and why was it built:

A month had passed since the Chuai Station had collapsed when two pictures taken from submariners working at the station began to appear, showing the true purpose of Chuai Station. The first photo showed the sea floor with little fish-like creatures running around on it. The second photo, however, contained a large creature climbing its way up the side of Chuai Station, which was later revealed to be the monster from the film, meaning that Tagruato purposely built the station in order to examine the creature, while it lay dormant. Then they somehow provoked it, causing it to become aggressive and destroy Chuai Station, and later, New York.

This is not the whole story of Cloverfield, nor is it even scratching the surface of the three films Cloverfield, Cloverfield Lane, and the third film in the series The Cloverfield Paradox, was just released on netflix . Abrams has created one of the most interesting and creative universes around.