Vaping Movement Steams up, Student Handbook Revised in its Favor

Savannah Spaulding, Rookie Reporter

“Vape Nation” is a fad that has hit schools across the world. Starting from kids hitting mods in the school bathrooms to hitting them in the classroom, students at Wheat Ridge High School have started a “Vaping Movement” to encourage more students to vape at school, they even want the kids who don’t vape to give it a shot.

Freshmen Ellie Meng, the organizer of the movement said, “At first I wasn’t hooked on vaping either, but then one day something inside me changed. I managed to get ahold of a mod, and I started going at it. It’s the best experience of my whole life, and it’s what I now spend the day waiting for. Why wait though, when we should be able to do it at school? Truly, nothing else matters, just getting to smoke. I look so cool blowing smoke rings and would love to see everyone else doing it too! I’ve never felt more like an adult in my entire life.”
This movement seems to have made an impact on multiple students. The Student Handbook states that any tobacco product means, “any product that contains nicotine or tobacco or is derived from tobacco and is intended to be ingested, inhaled, or applied to the skin of an individual can’t be used on school property.” While they look like they’re going against the Student Handbook they really aren’t because Jeffco schools has been totally accepting of the vaping trend and plan to revise the Student Handbook In August of 2018 for the new school year. During the summer of 18’ Wheat Ridge is holding tryouts for the vaping team. They want majority of students to take part in the team and show off the school’s true colors. Competitions will be held and places will be won. Wheat Ridge students can even go to state depending how good they are at vape tricks. Tryouts will be held on June 31, 2018. Join the movement today!