What It’s Like to be a Woman in These Times


Photo by Madison Kime

A “man” (Joey Huckaby) shows disrespect to Nevaeh Valtierra.

Nevaeh Valtierra, Features Editor

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a testimony.

This is me, a woman ready to share her story. I, Nevaeh Valtierra am a victim of friendliness.

I awoke this morning with fresh hope. Being it’s the year 2018, I assumed today would be absolutely perfect. However, many things did not go my way. I thought things were going to be different, but today proved to me that there is still much progress to be made.

I got to school, got out of the car, and began walking to the front doors. Behind me I could hear the footsteps of someone walking behind me. Their footsteps came quicker, and before I knew it, this boy was rushing to get in front of me! Why was he rushing to get in front of me you ask? He wanted to open the door for me. I looked at him with disbelief that he would do such a thing, and instead of apologizing all he did was smile.

I brushed that incident off, and went straight to my first period, math. The class was going well; we were working on problems as a class. It was then that my math teacher said, “Nevaeh, what did you get for question number four?” I panicked because I hadn’t solved the question yet. One of my male classmates must have noticed the fear in my eyes and was ready to swoop in and destroy me while I was at a weak point. He shouted, “I got 4!” Like wow, how could he do such a thing? How could he turn the attention on to himself before even giving me a chance to solve the problem, sure I was embarrassed and panicking, but I did not deserve that.

The morning started off horrible, but after writing the date on my history assignment, I was reminded that it was the year of 2018 and those things weren’t going to keep happening because everything has changed. I was a woman, and I needed to remember that things from now on would go my way!

Third period was Spanish. We were just practicing our vocabulary and then suddenly my water bottle fell over and my lid popped off and water spilled everywhere. This boy two seats over got up, and rushed out the classroom to get me some paper towels. Now this was just ridiculous. As if I was not capable of getting my own paper towel and cleaning up a mess I made!

Then in chemistry, oh let me tell you. We were during a lab, you know, using chemicals, lighting stuff on fire, that kind of stuff. I was about to light some magnesium when this boy grabbed my hand and said, “Nevaeh, wait, I’ll get you some safety glasses!” Once again I was in awe.

During lunch, this guy paid for my food, like I couldn’t afford a $1.30. Then in English I didn’t know what “vexatious” meant. I might have announced my confusion, and of course this guy came to my desk, with a dictionary in hand. “It means causing annoyance,” said one from the male species. How ironic.

Luckily nothing happened in med-prep.
Then in Newspaper, oh my goodness. A classmate, junior Joey Huckaby, said, “Nevaeh! I missed you!” Disgust.

It’s insane how after all these major changes and achievements of us women that we still haven’t been able to end this madness. This unfairness. It’s what we’ve wanted for so long and we’re still not there yet. We’re left unsatisfied and in longing for kind gestures from the male species to end.