Breathe Easy Team Clears the Air With Info

Alexis Martinez , Staff reporter

The Breathe Easy is a club, also known as the Be Team, is interesting and has many goals.

It is a club that is not just here at Wheat Ridge but is also at Lakewood High School. Jefferson County Public Health department created the Be Team. Jeffco Health Department wants the Be Team to be focused on preventing tobacco use and substance abuse in their schools and communities.

Wheat Ridge School nurse Rhonda Valdez is involved in the Be Team. She enjoys meeting students who want to work to prevent tobacco chewing, vaping and E- cigarettes. Valdez also enjoys working with Jefferson Public Health Department because they give good information to pass to high school students.

Valdez has been on the Be Team for only one year and that was this school year.

Be Team  wants students to know facts and about vaporizers and E-cigarettes. One of their goals is spreading these risks and facts out to all of Jeffco Schools. People do not take these risks to seriously, and the Be Team wants people to know that they are. At the meeting students came together gather information about vapes, e- cigarettes and nicotine and made a video about it. They want this video to spread out through the school so they are trying to have teachers show the video during class.

The main goal of the Be Team is to also reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke because it harms people, communities, pets, and the environment.

Activities that the Be Team participate in include an education outreach information about vapes, tobacco, e-cigarettes, participating in civic process.

If anyone is interested in joining the Be Team email Ms.Valdez at [email protected]. The Be Team meets on Thursdays after school in the future center.