Students Prepare for Yet Another Year of AP Tests


Information regarding AP schedules and location.

Lendsy Barriga, Staff Writer

Soon after spring break is over, a variety of high school students are in the process of studying for their upcoming Advanced Placement (AP) tests.

There are a few students who take more than one AP class, and those who take all AP classes need to study even harder. In advanced classes, students are given work at a higher level and are taught more complex lessons. Students who attend advanced classes have an opportunity to earn college credits so they save money helping reduce the amount of classes they have to take in college. High school students who take AP classes are required to do their work and care about their education.

Each individual test costs about $100 but if you have free/reduced lunch you are not charged for taking it. Although numerous high school students have free/reduced lunch, if they register after the due date then they will be paying a late fee of $55. These tests are taken at the end of the school year at a specific location at a different time and day so students who have multiple AP classes can take them without any issues. This year, students will take this test at Applewood Valley United Methodist Church in Golden starting from May 7-18.

Doug Granbery of the English department at Wheat Ridge High School mentioned, “Take the class. Any student can pay their money and sit down to take an AP test, but I believe taking the class will prepare them better. That and get a good night’s sleep before the test.” At this point in time it’s crucial to review what you’ve learned so far to focus completely on the tests.

Isaac Hoskins who is now a senior here at the Farm mentioned, “What I do to prepare [for the AP test] is really make sure I have a good grasp of the overarching concepts of the material. After that I really make sure I destress the day before the test.” Hoskins also said” The chance to have such well qualified teachers with a workload that pushes you is a great opportunity.”